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BIMBOLUVR  request:

G string panties, heels and nothing else 



    BIMBOLUVR request:

    G string panties, heels and nothing else


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Marloes Horst



    Marloes Horst

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does anybody wanna come play?


    does anybody wanna come play?

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Hello...Welcome to The Fun Side - the love of a fetish - we are a switchy couple...happy & in love and we ENJOI sharing the Tease & Orgasm Denial [ruined orgasms & CNFM] fetish!! At times I am in complete control and other times he ties me up with his belts and has his way with me...

NOTE - The Pics on our Blog vary depending on our MOOD! There is no specific "theme" other than whatever hits our mood at that moment or touches our mind and we cannot pass it up to say what our mind is thinking through visualization! So simple....

***PLEASE NOTE: CURIOUS who WE are?? You can locate personal photos from our collection that we have posted by searching for "Andrew" or "Blondecherrybomb" using the search tool on our blog***

This is an over 18 blog, sexually and erotically explicit. If you are under the age of 18 you need to leave. Thank you for your consideration...for all of you OVER the age of 18....enjoy it!

I am Blonde Cherry Bomb [BCB <3 for short] and I am a cocktease! I wasn't always a cocktease until I met my Fiance' - Andrew Freeport [of course NOT his real name duh lol]...He introduced me to something that he truly enjoys T&D!

I will admit it...we are both a little addicted to SEX (ok more than a little lol) and I truly believe I am a nymphomaniac and I am positive Andrew would agree as well. I cannot get enough of his thick hard beautiful cock....my number 1 obsession?? SUCKING HIS COCK and teasing it until it leaks clear precum all over my mouth and I suck it out of him....

We are just an average attractive couple who love each other and currently are separated due to our careers...6,000 miles apart for months now and this is a way to keep us closer and have some "playtime"...

Teasing and orgasm denial was new to me before I met Andrew, but I quickly grew into the addiction of teasing his cock and denying him orgasms. I absolutely LOVE the teasing and denial lifestyle I enjoy with my fiance'..it is so hot when I deny him what he wants the most...RELEASE!

His cock gets so thick and hard and throbs with primal urge to just do anything I ask of him to please me hoping for that long wait to end...BUT I LOVE how thick and hard his cock gets the longer I make him wait and satisfy me. SOOO BIG!!!

Eventually, I want to use him for "Group Tease" sessions of CFNM! He is very aroused by by the thought of his cock being used by a group of women for their pleasure and I too become very excited at the thought of telling them what to do with his throbbing, aching, thick, hard cock in their hands, mouths and hot pussies using him and denying his orgasm. Making him BEG to CUM!

It is our love that has grown deeper through these fetishes of sorts...but we take it to the loving, deeply committed, fun side!!! We PLAY, WE FUCK, WE LOVE! The End...

We love to hear from you...leave us your thoughts in a question and/or message...we always respond! :-]

**All images, unless otherwise noted as personal images of BCB/Andrew Freeport, were taken from the Internet and are assumed to be in the public domain. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the copyright is unintentional and noncommercial and the material will be removed immediately upon presented proof.**